Fernando Espino Rodríguez

Master in Enviromental Management. His research focuses on the ecology and conservation of the marine biodiversity of the Canary Islands, in particular fish assemblages associated with seagrass meadows and the biology and conservation of seagrass meadows.

José Antonio Valdazo

PhD Student. His research focuses on the biology, phenology and conservation of the brown macroalga Cystoseira abies-marina

PhD. Séfora Betancor;

PhD in Marine Sciences. She aims to provide eco-physiological insight on marine vegetated ecosystems via photosynthetic and physiological analyses of ecologically relevant species (habitat formers). Photosynthetic yield studies and biochemical analyses, in conjunction with ecological studies, provide an adequate approach to work out the adaptations of marine macrophytes to enviromental fluctuations.

PhD. Catalina Monzón;

PhD in Biology. Her research aims at contributing to biodiversity conservation using molecular tools in combination with ecological and behavioral aspects. This provides a key chance to promote management and conservation strategies of species.

PhD. Juan Francisco “Tachi” Betancort Lozano

PhD in Marine Sciences. His research focuses on the Paleontology, Paleo-Oceanography and Paleo-Climatology of marine and terrestrial ecosystems of the Canary Islands, the northwestern African coats and the Atlantic islands. Moreover, he is interested in enviromental education around our paleontological heritage.

PhD. Francisco Otero Ferrer

PhD in Marine Sciences. His research focuses on the biology and ecology of benthic habitats, aiming at guaranteeing a sustainable use of marine resources. In the past, his research focused on the sustainable production of animals via aquaculture.

Tony Sánchez Déniz

Research technician. His responsibility y focus on securing all boating and diving operations, as well as the maintenance of research equipment.

Raul Triay

PhD Student, his dissertation focus on the ecology of seagrass-associated macrofauna, in particular decapod crustaceans.